10 Gaming Terms You Should Know


If you want to really understand how best to communicate as a Gamer, you’ll probably need the following terms at some point.

1. Smurf Account

A secondary game account created by a player. Smurfs are often used by players for casual gaming sessions that won’t impact rankings in their primary account. For example, when a player wants to improve skills for a different game character, a smurf account lets them practice without worrying about losses or defeats

2. Rage Quit

A player becomes so angry or frustrated that they leave a game in progress.

3. DLC

Downloadable content. Additional game material such as characters, maps or weapons. These may be free or cost something.

4. Map

A location in which the game is played.  A level.

5. Party

A group of players

6. Chat

A co-channel that allows players to communicate with each other during gameplay

7. Rez

The ability to resurrect a character. Also the act of resurrecting a game character.

8. Newb

A newcomer to the game, shortened from ‘newbie’. Not always a term of endearment.

9. Pwned

Originally a typing error of ‘owned’, now used as gamer slang. Pronounced ‘owned’.


In-game purchase, often of additional powers or abilities, skins or specific weapons.

Robert Quinn