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SymGym brings the elements of play, the excitement, the surprise, the anticipation, the challenge, and the FUN back to exercise.

meet SymGym team

Rob Quinn

Before SymGym, Rob was the Founder/CEO of APP Design, a healthcare software development firm, with clients including Health and Human Services and Blue Cross Blue Shield. He also founded ProLogic, a hardware consulting firm.

Ivan Kiselev, PhD

Chief Technical Officer
Previously, Ivan was the architect of a healthcare information exchange that serviced over 20,000 providers. He has also worked as the architect of analytics products for large retail vendors.

Glenn Susz

Glenn Susz, VP Business Development
In a past life, Glenn served as Founder/CEO of Sterling Software Services, where he acquired clients including the Chicago Board of Trade, First Chicago/Chase Bank, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Stephen Suydam, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer
Prior to joining SymGym team, Stephen was the co-founder of Milestone sports, which developed algorithms and analytics for a wearable run performance tracker. He exited to Zwift, an online cycling simulator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy one for my home?
Yes, SymGym can help you exercise at home. Please consult your health professional before starting a workout program.

Can I monitor my heart rate?
SymGym includes a sensor to monitor heart rate and oxygenation levels. SymGym can also receive heart rate information from a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Do I have to pay for the games?
Games are included as part of the SymGym System.

Is there a subscription fee?
There is no subscription fee. We do charge an annual maintenance fee for software updates and mechanical upkeep for our clinical partners.

How do I change the resistance?
SymGym adjusts the resistance based on your selected workout. We recommend discussing your workout choice with your physical therapist.

Are there preset workout programs?
Yes, SymGym's workout programs are designed by clinical experts to help with a variety of conditions.

Is there a preset workout program for my condition?
Yes, SymGym's workout programs are designed by clinical experts to help with a variety of conditions.

Who can see my workout and profile information?
SymGym takes your healthcare information security seriously. Only you, your therapist, and people you authorize will have access to your personal healthcare information.

Are the games difficult to learn?
No, SymGym's games are designed to focus on exercise and fun, but you will definitely progress though levels as you improve your fitness and condition.

How many games does SymGym have?
SymGym has a basic suite of engaging games and is constructing more games everyday to improve variety and therapies.

How long does SymGym take to install?
SymGym is an all in one complete unit. Plug it in, connect it to your WiFi system and it is ready to go.

Does it have a power cord?
Yes, it plugs in to a standard 110V outlet.

Does it adjust to fit me?
SymGym's seat adjusts to accommodate most patients.

When does SymGym tell me my strength and flexibility?
During the workout, SymGym can display your current strength and flexibility. At the end of each workout, SymGym shows your progress and can send progress reports to the therapist's EMR for charting.

What does the strength number mean?
SymGym measures the force output (N) of each limb. This can be compared over time to monitor your progress.

What does the flexibility number mean?
SymGym measures the range of motion output (degrees) of each limb. This can be compared over time to monitor your progress.

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