Enter The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon is a permadeath, bullet hell, dungeon crawler that makes fast and lasting fun, and with its four different classes (Marine, Pilot, Convict, and Hunter) there’s a playstyle fit for just about anyone. My favorite class is the Marine, who gets a base accuracy bonus and extra armor to start (plus he just looks a badass).

The entire gameplay consists of a very simple move set that only takes a few interactions to get a really firm grip on. Aside from the regular moving around and shooting, players also have a roll ability, which makes them invincible for a short time (For those familiar with the Dark Souls series this is a pretty similar rolling mechanic), however if you roll next to a table you will quickly slide across it instead.

Then there’s blanks, blanks work as a sort of stage clearing move that erase all enemy bullets from the stage, its for moments when you’re backed into a corner and a bullet wall to thick to roll through is approaching (or if you’re anything like me a boss is shooting a lot and you panic).

Your final move is your special ability, this really depends on your character to start with or what you trade it for later in the gungeon, but it can range from a molotov that sets a small area on fire, to a rope that instantly teleports you into the shop. These abilities do take a long time to recharge though, so use them carefully!

On every floor of the gungeon there are about 20 rooms, they can hold enemies, chests with more weapons, unlockable NPCs, and a shop to purchase health, blanks, or guns. In any room you may also find teleporters, which allow you to quickly travel back by using your map, a nice timesaver for those of us who like to speedrun, and also to keep the action and adrenaline flowing. But before you advance to the next floor or are allowed to save your progress, you must be your current floor’s Gungeon Boss!

Playing on the SymGym itself is actually pretty smooth, using the arms to control the aiming manipulates the position of the crosshair like a mouse or left joystick. When set in the middle of the arms’ range of motion the crosshair will sit in place, using the left side will control the ‘up’ and ‘down’ position of the crosshair, while the right arm will move the crosshair left and right. The numerous buttons on the arms can also be configured to the user’s preference (I personally chose the right trigger for shooting, and all the buttons on the left for my abilities).

The leg movements are mirrored to the arms, in that the left leg controls your movement ‘up’ and ‘down’, and the right moves you ‘left’ and ‘right’.

After about 15 minutes I started to really get the hang of it, and though it was physically more challenging than playing with an old fashioned controller or mouse and keyboard, it was significantly more rewarding any time I cleared a room and genuinely had me working up a sweat.

Overall I think Enter the Gungeon shows a lot of promise for the SymGym, with a combination of a fun gameplay loop, smooth controls, a great soundtrack, and enough cardio to both be challenging and rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy one for my home?
Yes, SymGym can help you exercise at home. Please consult your health professional before starting a workout program.

Can I monitor my heart rate?
SymGym includes a sensor to monitor heart rate and oxygenation levels. SymGym can also receive heart rate information from a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Do I have to pay for the games?
Games are included as part of the SymGym System.

Is there a subscription fee?
There is no subscription fee. We do charge an annual maintenance fee for software updates and mechanical upkeep for our clinical partners.

How do I change the resistance?
SymGym adjusts the resistance based on your selected workout. We recommend discussing your workout choice with your physical therapist.

Are there preset workout programs?
Yes, SymGym's workout programs are designed by clinical experts to help with a variety of conditions.

Is there a preset workout program for my condition?
Yes, SymGym's workout programs are designed by clinical experts to help with a variety of conditions.

Who can see my workout and profile information?
SymGym takes your healthcare information security seriously. Only you, your therapist, and people you authorize will have access to your personal healthcare information.

Are the games difficult to learn?
No, SymGym's games are designed to focus on exercise and fun, but you will definitely progress though levels as you improve your fitness and condition.

How many games does SymGym have?
SymGym has a basic suite of engaging games and is constructing more games everyday to improve variety and therapies.

How long does SymGym take to install?
SymGym is an all in one complete unit. Plug it in, connect it to your WiFi system and it is ready to go.

Does it have a power cord?
Yes, it plugs in to a standard 110V outlet.

Does it adjust to fit me?
SymGym's seat adjusts to accommodate most patients.

When does SymGym tell me my strength and flexibility?
During the workout, SymGym can display your current strength and flexibility. At the end of each workout, SymGym shows your progress and can send progress reports to the therapist's EMR for charting.

What does the strength number mean?
SymGym measures the force output (N) of each limb. This can be compared over time to monitor your progress.

What does the flexibility number mean?
SymGym measures the range of motion output (degrees) of each limb. This can be compared over time to monitor your progress.

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