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SymGym makes your workouts fun by combining serious games with serious exercise.

a full body controller

With SymGym, you feel like you’re in the game!

Tone and strengthen your glutes, legs, and calves
Workout your arms, legs and core
Independent limb motion for a new exercise experience

Meet the SymGym

SymGym is a brand new way to exercise! Using patented independent limb motion, The SymGym Exergaming System allows you to shoot, dodge, and fly through your workout. Compete against friends online, try to beat the high score of the day, or beat your personal best in a variety of action, adventure and puzzle games, all controlled by your movements.

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Patented independent arm and leg motion
Compete against your friends
video game controller
Play the newest release, or your old favorite
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Track your workouts and beat your best
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See your fitness progress metrics including strength and power

Our Game Library

Our decades of experience in informatics, cloud based analytics and fitness technology has led us to design SymGym, the first of its kind exercise system.

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