the workout you will actually do

Motivation becomes easier with extrinsic factors

September 14, 2022

Exercise and staying fit requires a lot of motivation and most people stop working out within weeks of starting a new workout program.  While celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and and Kevin Hart are at the gym in the wee hours of the morning putting in several hours per week, simply reaching the American Heart Association goal of 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week requires dedication.  Motivation is hard to maintain when you have added stresses and time constraints of your everyday life including work deadlines, family functions, kid activities, and other household duties.  It is very easy to prioritize or justify more relaxing or fun activities when you do have time, such as watching shows or scrolling social media.  So what is the workout we will do after a long is the one we want to do.

Motivation becomes easier when there are extrinsic factors at play.

If there is a fun factor to your workout, you will be more inclined to make time for your physical activity.  Competition, social motivation, choice and challenge were all listed in a recent publication as motivating factors for exercise.  SymGym provides solutions to those barriers and the external motivation needed to carve out the time in your day for exercise.  Through SymGym’s online gaming, you can play with friends to solve puzzles or build your fleet.  You can compete with your friends in head to head action games.  The more you play, the better you get at these games and the more challenges arise.  If you enjoy playing a variety of games, SymGym has an ever growing library that is added to regularly. You can compete to be the best with our progressive resistance runner games to see how you are doing that day and try to take the top score of all time.

Staying motivated is most important to retain your workout habit.  Starting an exercise program is easy, maintaining it is the real challenge.  SymGym provides external motivators to help you get a serious workout while playing games.  You can meet friends online, compete head to head, be the best in the country, or just be your best that day, all through the SymGym Exergaming System.

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