you have never worked out like this

SymGym replaces your cardio routine

September 16, 2022

One Two, One Two, One Two.  

If you close your eyes and think about your cardio workouts, you can probably hear the whine of a motor and the rhythmic motion of your activity.  You can hear your feet beating on the treadmill, the grind of the bicycle's internal gears, or the low groan of the elliptical as it goes around and around in a mind numbing fashion.  You turn up Netflix, the ball game, or your audio book to power through your workout and ignore the mechanistic drone.  It does not have to be that way.  

SymGym Exergaming System replaces your repetitive and monotonous cardio routine with interactive, dynamic games.  

Through its patented independent limb resistance controller, you can select from a number of games that provide a variety of total body workouts.  SymGym system can provide a cardio effort while playing games. The entertainment and interactive nature of SymGym games make it is easy to forget you are exercising, but don't be fooled, this is a serious workout.  Strengthening and toning workouts are available through a progressive resistance mode.  As you play, the resistance increases, pushing you to beat your best efforts.  SymGym also provides a means for you to select an area of your body you think needs work, whether it be abs, arms or legs.   Select your target area and SymGym offers a list of games which focus on that area.  All of these workouts are done by moving your arms, legs and core to dodge, swing, fly, or fight your way through fast paced action games, brain challenging puzzle games, or cooperative team melee games.  No longer will you have to listen to the repetitive sounds of exercise, but instead you will hear the cheers of success as you level up your game, and level up your fitness.

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