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The positive effects of cardio cannot be denied

September 12, 2022

A number of years ago, I trained for the PGHMarathon, which takes place at the beginning of May.  As I was new to Chicago and not quite ready for run training in the dead of winter, I primarily trained on a treadmill.  This exposed a major issue; I was weak when it came to single leg activities. I had run half marathons and 10k races, so I assumed my weightlifting exercise was enough. I did not do any single limb exercises to evaluate my individual limb strength.

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My weaker right side led to ankle tendinopathy.  Though I completed the marathon, it took years of training and therapy to recover.

While you may not be planning on running a marathon, I am sure you are aware of the health and longevity benefits of cardiovascular exercise.  Most, if not all, cardio equipment uses a system of resistance that provides a single resistance for both the left and right side.  Moreover, the majority of cardio devices allow for your strong arm or leg to compensate for your weaker side.  This is where SymGym Exergaming System stands apart!  SymGym System has a unique, patented, resistance system providing your arms and legs their own motion and force.

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According to the National Council on Strength and Fitness, “Unilateral training is most useful for improving range of motion and stability in the muscles around a joint.”  SymGym provides that unilateral (single sided) resistance and removes the ability to compensate for a weak side.  Each arm and leg moves independently while providing a heads up display of all of your activity. During game play, your individual arm and leg strength and range of motion (ROM) are displayed.  Through the variability of the game, each of your limbs are challenged equally to ensure that strength deficits do not develop.  Additionally, if you are recovering from an asymmetric injury, SymGym Smart Resistance setting monitors your strength and makes real-time resistance adjustments in order to challenge your weaker side and create a more balanced you.  

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The positive effects of cardiovascular exercise cannot be denied, leading to benefits ranging from better sleep, to increased viral resistance, to a longer life.  Finding the right means of exercise is important in order to keep the habit.  In order to get the most out of your cardio workouts, it is best to workout safely by avoiding injuries through asymmetries and workout regularly by enjoying your workout time through entertaining games on  SymGym Exergaming System.

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